Rhinoplasty or Nose Jobs

Plastic and cosmetic surgery both feature a procedure known as Rhinoplasty. This has to do with the nose. A Rhinoplasty can be both functional or aesthetic depending on why and how it is performed.

Reasons for the Procedure

The standard of beauty keeps evolving and over the years people have formed an opinion of what is universally beautiful. These notions have boosted the cosmetic surgery industry in more ways than one. One of the standards of beauty is determined by how long, short, wide or narrow your nose is. Many people, celebrities and common folk, have decided to be in pursuit of the perfect nose through cosmetic surgery. Some of the reasons why people opt for a Rhinoplasty include:

  • To remove a bump on the bridge of the nose
  • To correct a drooping tip and make it flat
  • To reduce the size of the tip of the nose
  • To reduce or increase the size of nostrils
  • To make the overall nose size bigger or smaller in order to fit in with other features on the face
  • To help with breathing difficulties

What Does the Procedure Entail?

Rhinoplasty involves the reshaping or resizing of the cartilage and bone in your nasal area. This helps to achieve the desired look or overall purpose of the surgery. A nose job takes about two hours and is administered under general anesthesia. The surgeon usually makes incisions inside the nose which reduces the chances that you will have visible scars. This is a good thing for most people since you do not want everyone you meet to know that you had a nose job. However, for those who had sustained injuries leading up to their difficulty with breathing or any other complications, you will still have the scars sustained previously unless the surgeon finds a way to tighten the skin around the area.

Details about Surgery and Recovery

Many people worry about recovery and how long they would have to take time off their jobs. Most surgeons estimate that recovery can take place anywhere between a week or two weeks. Different people heal differently. However, by the second week, any bruising or swelling should have gone down and you should look pretty normal. This is assuming that there are no complications or infections after the procedure.

If you have a great surgeon who is skilled in the procedure, you should not face any complications after surgery. Like any other surgery, a Rhinoplasty comes with a certain degree of risk which cannot be avoided.


If you have to get a Rhinoplasty, ensure that you get a good plastic or cosmetic surgeon for the procedure. With the right surgeon, you are able to minimize on some risks such as complications due to inexperience or carelessness during surgery or contracting infections during or after the surgery. Whatever the reason for the nose job, arm yourself with information by asking the surgeon all the relevant questions during the consultation.