Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery has become more and more common today. Unlike a while back when it was reserved for the elite and those who could afford it, plastic surgery is now largely practiced and is mostly for cosmetic purposes. According to studies, the most popular or common plastic surgery procedures include:


  • Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is also referred to as augmentation mammaplasty. It is the most common procedure which is why women are recorded as having the highest numbers when it comes to plastic surgery. For breast augmentation, tissue and excess skin is removed to reposition the breast and stop drooping. Another variant is that of using implants to enhance the size of the breasts. Some breast augmentation involves reducing the size to fit in with the rest of the patient’s body proportions.


  • Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is also referred to as a nose job. It involves changing the shape or size of the nose by moving or removing some cartilage and tissue. Rhinoplasty can be carried out for purely cosmetic purposes or for medical reasons such as improving breathing for those who may have difficulties attributed to the nose.


  • Blepharoplasty


To many people’s surprise, Blepharoplasty is the third most common plastic surgery procedure. It is plastic surgery that is carried out on your eyelids. Some people tend to have drooping eyelids that lead to sagging eyebrows and compromised peripheral vision. This can be caused by old age or other medical conditions. Furthermore, this drooping also encourages formation of eye bags. A Blepharoplasty involves the removal of some fat cells or tissue from the eyelids in order to tighten the eyelid and reduce drooping. The procedure helps in facial appearance, improves peripheral vision and helps the patient become more alert.


  • Liposuction


Liposuction involves the removal of fat from different parts of the body using tubes. People who are having a hard time losing weight tend to go for this procedure. It is also common among those who are dangerously and excessively overweight as a precursor to their weight loss journey. In liposuction, you get the fat cells removed and then your skin has to be tightened later.


  • Tummy Tuck


This is the fifth most common plastic surgery procedure. For a tummy tuck, the surgeon removes excess skin and fat cells from the stomach and the lower abdomen region. if you have a pooch that you cannot seem to get rid of with diet and exercise, this is the next best option. Tummy tucks are also common for people who have lost a lot of weight through diet and exercise but have not had the privilege of having their skin revert back as well.


There are other plastic surgery procedures such as face lifts and Botox that are very common. However, these five rank highest according to the number of plastic surgery procedures that are done every year. These procedures are both cosmetic and medically necessary. The ranking does not distinguish between the reasons for the procedures.