Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures all over the world. Women have to attain a certain standard when it comes to the size, shape, perkiness and positioning of their breasts. There is an ideal standard which women feel they have to comply with and this becomes harder with age, weight loss and child bearing. These life changes can affect the appearance of the breast and it often influences some women to get a boob job.

It is important to note that for some women, breast augmentation is a necessary procedure as a side effect of certain diseases such as cancer. If you get a mastectomy, you might want to have implants after you have beaten the cancer.

Why Undergo the Procedure?

Some of the reasons why women get a boob job include:

  • Desire for bigger breasts
  • Necessary breast reduction because of health complications
  • Implants for those who have lost their breasts through an accident or disease
  • Needing to tighten the skin and tissue to change the position or shape of the breast

Each one of these reasons can lead to either one of the following procedures.

Breast Lift

A breast lift, as the name implies, involves lifting the breast to a higher position. It is especially common with women who have drooping breasts due to age, pregnancy and nursing or even weight loss. For breast lifts, the surgeon tightens and alters tissue and skin around the breast in order to reposition it. For some people, a breast lift might also require the use of implants since there may be too much tissue loss. Implants are also used for those who have lost their breast through a mastectomy or any other procedure. In this case the patient does not have any tissue or fat for the procedure.

Other breast procedure such as increasing the size of the breast use fat cells in other parts of the body. The surgeon takes some fat from another part of the body and then uses them in the breasts. Additionally, not all breast augmentation involves both breasts. In some cases, someone just wants both breasts to be symmetrical.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction has also grown to become more popular over the years. Many women have had breasts that are larger than their body frame thus causing discomfort, back and spinal problems and other health complications. Breast reduction is therefore performed on those who would like to achieve either one of those goals. They include: achieving the perfect curve ration between the breasts and the hips or reducing the size of the breasts because of health implications on your body.


Breast plastic surgery aims to achieve different results based on what the patient wants. It can be entirely cosmetic or health-related. Whatever the case, it is important to have a qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon perform your surgery. You do not want to deal with other complications after your procedure because of incompetence or negligence.